Rainbow Body 2: Light Body Template

By Asa Hershoff | August 19, 2019

Science & the Rainbow Body — Part 2 The human body-mind complex has some deeply hidden secrets. Yet some are literally in plain view. While we are all subject to internal chatter and verbal “thinking,” about two-thirds of us experience images along with thoughts. And for about half of these folks, this is a dominant […]

Rainbow Body 1: Science Meets Light

By Asa Hershoff | July 12, 2019

When Science meets spirit When Fritz-Albert Popp first discovered that all living cells emit light—biophotons—he could not have anticipated the revolution this would create in the fields of both biology and physics. Since then, there has been a tidal wave of research and the emergence of the pioneering fields of biophotonic diagnosis,  biophysics, biofields and […]

The Missing Self in Spirituality and Psychology

By Asa Hershoff | June 8, 2019

The Big Investment A few years ago, a friend of mine was ready, along with his wife, to retire. They had invested their life savings, the work of 20 years, to fund their golden years. Unfortunately, it was with a man named Madoff. In a single moment they lost it all to this con artist […]


The 4th Principle of Healing: Regeneration

By Asa Hershoff | October 5, 2016

Regeneration Life springs eternal. In every turn of the season, and in every moment of life, there is repair, rejuvenation, regeneration. From the minutest cell to the grand ecosystems that span continents, there is always renewal in the cycle of life. In terms of our healing process, considerable resources are needed to accomplish the repair […]

The 3rd Principle of Healing: Detoxification

By Asa Hershoff | October 5, 2016

The Detox Principle Detoxification has been at the very core of holistic and naturopathic medicine from its inception in the modern world. And this tradition mirrors the practices of every natural system of healing down through the ages, including Traditional Chinese Medicine,

Why Do We Get Sick?

By Asa Hershoff | February 20, 2016

ANY CHARACTER HERE The art of the healer has always been to discover the hidden factors that affect our health, and then use healing methods that can help us eliminate or mitigate those causes. ANY CHARACTER HERE The art of the healer has always been to discover the hidden factors that affect our health, and […]

What Does Homeopathy Cure?

By Asa Hershoff | January 31, 2014

What Does Homeopathy Cure? ANY CHARACTER HERE [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he list of conditions treated and cured by homeopathy is extensive. In fact it covers the whole of medicine as we know it, and many “conditions” that have no specific name or label.