Light Body 8 – Stages of Transformation

By Asa Hershoff | May 8, 2020

To create a Light Body is not magic, nor the result of wishful thinking. It is science—transformational science. A new embodiment made of quarks and photons does not arise without cause, nor without the interaction of many moving parts. Like everything else in our manifest world, the process follows specific steps and stages. Just like a plant, it requires the equivalent of the right soil, moisture, atmosphere, solar energy, temperature, and much else. There must also be a seed in the first place, a lineage stretching back to ancient primal forests. But simple DNA is not enough, for the forces that create the actual shape of our liver, legs, arms, or that of a leaf, are unknown to contemporary science. All growth and development occurs in spirals, in geometric forms whose mathematical formula are written in the ether.

Light Body 7 – Elements Become Luminous

By Asa Hershoff | May 1, 2020

Rainbow Body. Image courtesy of the author Back to purity Within the great enterprise of Light Body creation is a great mystery that is rarely addressed: what is the relationship between the Five Elements and the transformation of a physical form into one of gossamer radiance? We purify the elements through the practice of visualization, […]

Rainbow Body 6 – Elements High & Low

By Asa Hershoff | February 14, 2020

The Missing Elemental Link We have looked at some aspects of what modern biophysics, biophotonics, phonics (sound), and neurology can bring to our understanding of the Light Body. And the anatomical discovery of the microscopic primo vascular system and fascial tissue give us new perspectives on tsas, nadis, meridians, and the body’s energy channels in […]

Rainbow Body 5 – Uniting Sky & Earth

By Asa Hershoff | February 2, 2020

Further Union In our continued investigation of the process of inner union, we have looked at the meaning and practice of uniting our left and right sides. These could be expressed as our male-female polarity or rationality and intuition. We also began to examine the union of our upper and lower poles, the literal unity […]

Rainbow Body 4: Inner Union

By Asa Hershoff | December 5, 2019

The final consummation of the human journey—the ultimate fulfillment of our possibility of finding this precious human birth—is the Light Body. Its birth and maturation requires many steps, but its final stage is a process of union, and that means the union of opposites. If we look at our inner and outer worlds, we see […]

Rainbow Body 3: Light Body Myths

By Asa Hershoff | November 15, 2019

Some of the most powerful ideas and effective tools for personal growth and evolution come to us from ancient sources—sources that maintain their vitality and meaning to the present day. But time marches forward, bringing massive displacements of populations, radical changes in cultural patterns and beliefs, shifts in power, and discoveries in science that change […]

Rainbow Body 2: Light Body Template

By Asa Hershoff | August 19, 2019

Science & the Rainbow Body — Part 2 The human body-mind complex has some deeply hidden secrets. Yet some are literally in plain view. While we are all subject to internal chatter and verbal “thinking,” about two-thirds of us experience images along with thoughts. And for about half of these folks, this is a dominant […]

Rainbow Body 1: Science Meets Light

By Asa Hershoff | July 12, 2019

When Science meets spirit When Fritz-Albert Popp first discovered that all living cells emit light—biophotons—he could not have anticipated the revolution this would create in the fields of both biology and physics. Since then, there has been a tidal wave of research and the emergence of the pioneering fields of biophotonic diagnosis,  biophysics, biofields and […]

The Missing Self in Spirituality and Psychology

By Asa Hershoff | June 8, 2019

The Big Investment A few years ago, a friend of mine was ready, along with his wife, to retire. They had invested their life savings, the work of 20 years, to fund their golden years. Unfortunately, it was with a man named Madoff. In a single moment they lost it all to this con artist […]


The 4th Principle of Healing: Regeneration

By Asa Hershoff | October 5, 2016

Regeneration Life springs eternal. In every turn of the season, and in every moment of life, there is repair, rejuvenation, regeneration. From the minutest cell to the grand ecosystems that span continents, there is always renewal in the cycle of life. In terms of our healing process, considerable resources are needed to accomplish the repair […]