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The 5 Phases of Healing

Any change, for the better or worse, involves the totality of the person. And so healing must also access and interface with the incredible range and depth of our total being. The fastest way to change or improve our whole person, is through the most basic forces from which we are made: The 5 Elements of mind and body.

Dr Asa is a health consultant and medical intuitive with forty years of experience as a naturopathic doctor, master homeopath and bioenergy practitioner with vast in plumbing the mysteries of illness and health and finding powerful yet gentle solutions to these puzzles.

No matter what issues we are dealing with, the Healing Process has only five moving parts, five phases that usually have to be followed in sequence. Each is explained below.


Relieve suffering


Build your reserves


Build your reserves


Repair of Tissues

Pattern Change

Clearing Causation

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The Healing Spectrum


  • Powerful, non-toxic, a 200-year track record
  • From the common cold to severe illnesses
  • Works on body, mind and spirit. More....


  • Effects the building blocks of mind & body
  • Balancing of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Water
  • Powerful visualization for daily life  More....


  • Discover hidden causes of illness
  • Find problems before they become physical
  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses..  More....


  • Mind-body healing at its most profound
  • Courses, seminars and trainings
  • Integration into daily life .. More....


  • Uniting modern biology & ancient Ayurveda
  • Supplements have a direct Elemental effect
  • Foods to boost subtle energy & vitality.  More....


  • Utilizing the modern science of Genomics
  • Helps pinpoint genetic deficiencies, detox errors
  • Targeting immunity, neurotransmitters, etc More


From cell, to organs and organ systems, the brilliant self-regulating body has powerful self-healing functions.


Our minds have tremendous potential for transformation, if the right conditions are available to let this happen.


Our health vitality, well-being, happiness and personal power are all interconnected, and span our mind, body and spirit.

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Will You Reincarnate?

Reincarnation is not guaranteed, since we have to understand who or what is capable of such an extraordinary thing.. Here are some answers...
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Biological Chakra Stack

The Mystery of the Dual System of Vajrayana Chakras

The Buddhist chakras, except for a few specific tantras, are described as five in nature. You would naturally expect them to stack up according to their hierarchy, their density, their sequential refinement, just as in the Shaivite approach and their hapless inheritor, the Western New Age chakra system. After all, that is how humans seem to be built. The vertical stack of human anatomy is our natural, biological makeup as our form and function span the gamut, from earth to sky. But the tantric path is about building a new body, a new form, one commonly referred to as a light body or rainbow body. The meditations we superimpose (the spritual stack) on our normal bioenergetic hierarchy (the biological stack) are revolutionary.
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Are You a Knowledge-Holder?

Information belongs to Persona. But knowledge is something that has entered you, become a part of your being, the fabric of your mind-body. You could say it integrates with our energetic DNA, our soul, our true self. It becomes part of Essence. However, even if you live a long and fruitful life, those particles of true knowledge are not such frequent visitors. There are not hundreds or even scores of them. In a life well-lived, there may only be a dozen things that we know from our core of certainty, that resonant with every atom of our being. And thus the rig-dzin, the knowledge-holder. Most people will accumulate information, good and bad, spiritual and worldly. Many of course will not pursue deeper knowledge of the world, of their human nature, of the meaning of life or the possibility of transformation. J. G. Bennett called such people psychostatic, as opposed to psychodynamic. But even for those that are fascinated, interested or involved with transformative information, esoteric subjects or religious traditions, it may not percolate into the core.
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Breaking the Prison of Meditation

Something from nothing Like any religion, Vajrayana developed a codified set of rules, systems, behaviors, philosophies, and practices intended to guide the seeker sequentially along the stages of the path, directing them toward enlightenment, realization, moksha, the godhead, illumination, or a thousand other names that hint at our ultimate human potential. Some of these systems […]
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Trauma and Transformation

TRAUMA DHARMA The greatest obstacle to spiritual development is-not what you might think. Various religious and spiritual pathways talk about our disturbed emotions, our anger, our anxiety, our past actions. Others dwell on the persistent clinging or attachment to various aspects of our outer world and inner experience. Still others site our self-centeredness, our  grasping […]
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Purity, Impurity & the 5 Elements

Because impurity exists, so does purification. We have a certain biological nature, a certain mental harmony, a certain inherent purpose, and a certain amount of free will. In all these cases there can be contamination. This can happen as part of collective karma, being born in difficult times or places. We may be victimized (for example, by glycosphate in our food). Or we may make bad choices (eating processed junk food), or we may intentionally poison ourself or others (smoking or selling cigarettes). There are degrees of harm and a seeming infinite number of circumstances and variables that only discriminating wisdom can differentiate.
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In Search of the Elemental Body

There are good reasons why we should want to know our Buddha-Elemental family connection, organically and inherently. It directs us towards the deities, protectors, meditations and mantras that are aligned with our nature. Since the five Buddha families are also expressed as the five Elements, this orientation can be a roadmap to one’s entire life trajectory. We expect a strong correspondence between spiritual typology, psychological type, and body type, giving guidance towards our career, lifestyle, diet, activities and more.
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The Mystery of the 5 Elements

The Mystery of the Five Elements The Elemental Conundrum The five Elements are the very bedrock of Vajrayana. Which makes it all the more extraordinary that, to date, there has been no attempt to define more precisely what these phenomena are, and how they exist as principles that structure our entire world. Those master yogins […]
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Meditator made of triangles

Light Body 10—When 3 becomes 4.

The formative forces known as the 5 Elements are a core principle of body, mind and spirit. But the Law of Three is also an essential ingredient that we need to understand...
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Rainbow Body 9—Dying into the (Elemental) Light

The Road Beyond this Life An individual who achieves a fully perfected Light Body or Rainbow Body in this very life is like a hologram, a gossamer web of photons, a powerful electromagnetic field that holds to human form until that allotted moment when it is time to leave the bubble of flesh behind. In […]
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Light Body 8 – Stages of Transformation

To create a Light Body is not magic, nor the result of wishful thinking. It is science—transformational science. A new embodiment made of quarks and photons does not arise without cause, nor without the interaction of many moving parts. Like everything else in our manifest world, the process follows specific steps and stages. Just like a plant, it requires the equivalent of the right soil, moisture, atmosphere, solar energy, temperature, and much else. There must also be a seed in the first place, a lineage stretching back to ancient primal forests. But simple DNA is not enough, for the forces that create the actual shape of our liver, legs, arms, or that of a leaf, are unknown to contemporary science. All growth and development occurs in spirals, in geometric forms whose mathematical formula are written in the ether.
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Light Body 7 – Elements Become Luminous

Rainbow Body. Image courtesy of the author Back to purity Within the great enterprise of Light Body creation is a great mystery that is rarely addressed: what is the relationship between the Five Elements and the transformation of a physical form into one of gossamer radiance? We purify the elements through the practice of visualization, […]
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